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Rent To Own

All Credit Approved

Making Trailer Ownership Easy, Regardless Of Credit

Are you in need of a trailer but have low credit or bad credit? Don’t worry! With C3’s flexible rent-to-own trailer financing option, the path to trailer ownership has never been easier.


C3 Rentals is committed to helping you become a trailer owner with flexibility.

All credit approved

Flexible Terms

Instant approval

Affordable payment options

Rent to Own
Car Haulers

Rent to Own
Dump Trailers

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Enclosed Trailers

Rent to Own
Equipment Trailers

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3 Simple steps:

Pick a trailer

Simply choose the style, size and color of the trailer that’s right for you from one of C3 Rentals authorized dealers.

Complete the agreement

Have your valid driver’s license and insurance card ready and start filling out the agreement—quick and easy!

Make initial payment

Once you have completed filling out the agreement, make the initial payment. The initial payment consists of your first month’s rent and a small deposit. Once completed you are ready to hook up and go!


Why C3 ?

Ownership made easy

E-billing and email reminders

Multiple payment options

No penalties to pay it off early!

Early Purchase Option (EPO) offered with a discount on the remaining balance!

Minimum $2,500 to maximum $30,000

Affordable payments

Quick and easy paperwork process

Reliable customer service

Competitive monthly payments

$10 off your monthly payment when you sign up for autopay

More options for length of
contract than any other rent-to-
own company in the industry

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Path to Ownership

Owning and operating a hotshot hauling business can be a great opportunity. With just a truck and a trailer, hotshot haulers can start generating income right away. However, many new business owners may not have the credit for traditional trailer financing, making the opportunity unattainable.

This makes our rent-to-own trailer financing perfect for anyone looking to start their own business. With the minimum qualifications, you can walk out today with the gooseneck, equipment, car hauler or dump trailer up to $25,000 and launch your business your way. Even though you don’t own the trailer yet, you can start earning money with it. It’s simple! Apply for a trailer with C3, we’ll match you with your local partnered dealership, then rent until you own your very own trailer.


Must be 18 years or older

Must have a valid U.S. Driver’s License

Quick and easy paperwork process

Customer Care


Within 72 hours of leaving the dealership with a trailer, C3 Rentals’ customer service team will call to welcome you to C3 Rentals.


C3 Rentals gives you the power to choose your payment option.

Just let us know your preference:

Online account

By phone

Bill pay

By mail


Just let us know your preference:



Text message



Get the protection you need, without worrying about
deductibles, with C3 Rentals’ liability damage waiver!

With C3 Rentals’ liability damage waiver (LDW) your investment will be protected. Instead of being liable for completing your agreement with a trailer you cannot use due to a tree falling on it or due to some other act of God, LDW will cover the remaining amount owed on the unit or will cover the cost of repair on the unit.

Looking for a Trailer Dealer that will provide the financing power of C3?

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Rent to Own FAQ ?

No, we give instant approval upon receipt of a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the completion of all rental information required in the rent-to-own agreement. 

Credit reports are not requested nor reviewed to determine eligibility.  

You will not receive a payment book nor mailed invoices  (mailed invoices are available upon request).  Instead, you will receive monthly invoices via email (e-billing) so that updated early purchase information can always be included.  

Once you have completed the  RTO agrement and have paid your initial payment, your next payment will not be due until next month. It is typically set up on the same day of the month as when you completed your rent-to-own agreement. 

You can make your payments via ACH, Debit Card or Credit Card. Most customers simply login to their C3 online account to set up their payment or you can just give us a call to make payment.  

Absolutely, and we recommend it since C3 will apply a discount to your rental agreement when you pay it off early! 

Since rent-to own is a monthly rental agreement and not an installment sale, there is no principal to apply extra money to. However, if your account is up-to-date and you wish to pay extra in any given month, we will hold it in a deposit account to be applied to the discounted early purchase of your agreement at any time.